Bt corn study majorly flawed

This picture has been making the Facebook rounds. It references two discredited studies. The first one regarding rats was done by Gilles-Eric Seralini whose study was discredited. When it was, the pitchforks came out and the anti-GM crowd started yelling about how it was a smear campaign. Sigh.

The claim that Bt was found in the bodies of pregnant women (they forgot to say in the in the fetuses as well) was based on a faulty Canadian study.

Apparently, the tests were flawed because they used a test designed for plants and vegetables, not animal/human tissue. Even then the tests showed an almost negligible amount. Experts in this area say that since the amount was so low, it fell in the range of “noise.”

The researchers, in the cites, failed to reference a study in 2007 which warned of the dangers. The scientists reporting finding Bt protein in the human samples (Aris and Leblanc) are detecting only noise in the assay system because they use an invalid assay system (Agdia) intended to test plants, not animals for Bt.

The inconvenient truth about this is described in an earlier paper Paul and others 2007 that demonstrates how to do a valid assay for this Bt protein and also shows what kind of results you get from a valid test with animal samples.

The basic message is that:  no detectable Bt protein in GM food enters an animal body from the gut.

Read an analysis of the study here at GMO Pundit


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