Dead bodies demand organic food moratorium

Last summer a deadly eColi outbreak hit Europe resulting in over 25 deaths and 1,000+ hospitalizations. The outbreak was traced to organic sprouts from Germany.

Now imagine if a health disaster like this had happened as a result of GM crops. The anti-GMO crowd would have been yelling from the internet rafters, demanding the immediate destruction of all GMO crops and failing that, would insist they be labeled as dangerous.

So, it was with much amusement I came across this humorous editorial in the right wing Washington “Moonie” Times from last year. It basically turns the anti-GMO, pro-organic arguments on its head.  Read it here. In the meantime, here are some snippets:

“The time has come for even the mighty organic lobby to accept the precautionary principle – the idea that it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to organic farms’ potentially deadly practices. Until we know for certain that the outbreak could not have been caused by the suspect organic farm, we must act to protect the public from the unknown risks of organic practices.”

“…before organic farms are allowed to expand again, the industry must prove that ignoring modern technology does not hold hidden risks to public health or the environment. A permitting program for obsolete technology, perhaps as part of the existing agricultural or environmental permitting program, should demand that old technologies outperform new ones at each site where a business proposes to open or expand using obsolete technology.”

“Those who cling to the 1850s feces-based agricultural technology should face the same hurdles. As should those who reject key safety advances such as the E. coli-killing practice of irradiating suspect foods and genetic engineering, which holds promise in using natural biological processes to limit the spread of food-borne illness.”


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