Dance teacher to give expert opinion on GMOs to Conn. Assembly

Jeffrey Smith, who I’ve written about before, is scheduled to speak before the Connecticut Assembly’s GM Labeling Task Force on August 8th. The task force should rescind this offer. Instead, they should have actual scientists testify. They should at least have scientists testify as a counterbalance to his nonsense.

This is getting ridiculous. Frauds and charlatans are increasingly given credence by the American public, public officials and worst of all, the media.

In the dozen or so articles that pop up in my Google alerts each day, never does a day go by without a speaking appearance by Smith or by someone referencing him. And it’s usually the liberal/left groups that are hosting him or parroting his nonsense. Not one of the events where Smith speaks are there real scientists on the bill. What’s up with that? Does the liberal/left really want to know the facts or are they more interested in listening to someone, however dubious the credentials, confirm their preconceived beliefs?

On this issue I can without reservation say that the liberal/left lives in a glass house. They berate the right for their anti-science mindset on issues like climate change, but they do the same thing on the issue of GMOs.

As I have written before, Smith is a self-styled expert on GMOs. He has no science or agricultural, experience whatsoever. He has scammed his way into getting not only the media to think of him as an expert, but carious government bodies as well.

In my never-ending quest to find out more information about Smith, I recently discovered he owns a dance studio in Iowa.

I think real scientists should start a public campaign to refute his nonsense.

To recap:

His bio and resume are vague. What is known is he was a member of the Maharishi Natural Law Party in Iowa whose solution to the national crime problem was “yogic flying.”

In 1996, the Daily Illinni wrote, “Smith presented charts with evidence of a correlation between the presence of yogic flyers and an increase in the quality of life and a decrease in crime. Smith cited limited yogic flying programs in Washington D.C. and near the Middle East that resulted in less crime and more harmony.” He has two self-published books on genetic engineering.  One of them, Genetic Roulette has been discredited by real scientists. The organization, Academics Review, looked at the book to see how his claims stacked up against current peer-reviewed science and submitted a chapter by chapter take down of the book.

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