California Democratic Party joins the anti-science crowd

Democrats and the liberal/left love to make fun of the Republicans for their anti-science nonsense and ignorance. So, what do you make of the California Democratic Party’s endorsement of Prop. 37, the one that calls for labeling of GMO foods?

What is show’s is that the liberal/left have no more brains when it comes to science than their rightist counterparts. That, and they are not above pandering for votes.

On the national scene, one of my all time favorites, Bernie Sanders sponsored a bill that would require labeling of products that contain gmos. That seriously disappointed me.

And then you have the epidemics that could easily be prevented by vaccines. Where are the clusters of these outbreaks? Mostly in liberal places like the Pacific Northwest.

Ironically, the states that have the highest vaccine compliance are the red states in the south.

When did this anti-science mindset take hold in the liberal/left community. When did they abandon their critical thinking skills?




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