Another flawed GMO study, again

Gilles-Eric Seralini is back in the news again. He’s released yet another study that shows Monsanto’s Bt corn causes tumors and multiple organ damage. Seralini has done this study twice before and both times they were discredited as majorly flawed. The reactions to this one has met with the same reactions.

The big question many are asking about this study is this: If after 16 years GM corn being on the market, why haven’t we seen people “dropping like flies,”  from eating the corn?

Reuters has a good article which seeks out other expert opinion on the study.

Mark Tester, a research professor at the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics at the University of Adelaide, said the study’s findings raised the question of why no previous studies have flagged up similar concerns.

“If the effects are as big as purported, and if the work really is relevant to humans, why aren’t the North Americans dropping like flies? GM has been in the food chain for over a decade over there – and longevity continues to increase inexorably,” he said in an emailed comment.

David Spiegelhalter of the University of Cambridge said the methods, statistics and reporting of results were all below standard. He added that the study’s untreated control arm comprised only 10 rats of each sex, most of which also got tumours.

This new study will be sure to be added to the bad and anti-scientific arsenal of the anti-GM crowd. Will the anti-GMO crowd notice the skepticism of other experts? Yes, but they will ignore it and ask, “How much is Monsanto paying them?”

Update: The Huffington Post re-posted the Reuters article but left out the criticisms from the above scientists.

Update:  8:16PM EDT: The HuffPost has responded to me and said they would update the article to include the criticisms.

Also, here are more quotes about the study (thanks to Hank Campbell at Science2.0) Link


2 thoughts on “Another flawed GMO study, again

  1. I keep pointing out to people that every biomedical research animal in the US has been on GMOs for over a decade now. Animal colony managers would have noticed if all the animals were dying. Really. They wouldn’t have been able to keep that under wraps.

    Or, if you think that there really is harm still, you have to discount every control mouse or rat in every experiment.

  2. Good points. We need to know more.

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