The idiot left and GMOs

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“The reason I am occupying Monsanto and willing to put myself at risk of arrest is because Monsanto has genetically engineered food crops to contain novel untested compounds that result in more weed killer sprayed on our food, without informing consumers.”—Genetic Crimes Unit member, Ariel Vegosen

Ariel is a moron, an imbecile and an idiot.

Credits: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

According to Reuters,  Opponents of genetically engineered foods on Wednesday blocked shipments and deliveries at Monsanto Co’s vegetable seed company in California that developed a new genetically modified sweet corn that will hit stores this fall.

This is anti-science idiocy at work. Hazmat suits? Is this the work of some cuckoo right wing group? Nope.

Unfortunately, I’m ensconced in the urban confines of NYC where I don’t have ready access to these kinds of protests. I would love to. I would love to question these maroons on what they actually know about the technology of GMOs.

Of course, I know the answers I would get. They would parrot all the bogus science they’ve read on activist websites, mostly spread by that brilliant hustler, Jeffrey Smith.  You know him? He’s the one who has no science background and  is a graduate of the Maharishi University and thinks the solution to crime is yogic dancing.

Monsanto may be an evil corporation, but that’s no excuse for not knowing the facts about what you’re protesting against.  It’s flawed logic. Monsanto is an evil corporation. Monsanto uses GE.  So, because Monsanto is evil and uses GE, GE is bad. So, let’s dress up in Hazmats suits.


3 thoughts on “The idiot left and GMOs

  1. Can we please be braver and more robust in making moral judgements? Anti-GMO militants – e.g. Greenpeace – wish to deny the benefits of crop science to the poor, the diseased and the malnourished. If they succeed in their aims, people will be less well-fed than they would have been, and will suffer more from various diseases than they would have done. This is disgustingly immoral. Greenpeace, and what Greenpeace represents, is disgusting.

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