Everybody Panic! Eating GM wheat will destroy your liver!

On comment boards across the vast interwebs, people swear they suffered from all kinds of physical ills until they gave up eating GMO foods, more often than not, it’s genetically modified wheat. There’s only one problem, there is no genetically modified wheat on the market.

Therein lies another problem with the anti-GMO crowd. They ascribe all kinds of disease and physical ills with the introduction of GMO foods.  It’s what is called a logical fallacy.

Activists rely on correlation=causation; the idea that because two things happen at roughly the same time there is a cause-and-effect relationship.

The activists claim since the introduction of GMO food, there has been a rise in asthma, allergies and all kinds of scary diseases. So, using their logic we can conclude that organic food may be causing these things. After all, the rise of the organic food movement pretty much parallels the rise of asthma, allergies etc.

It’s simplistic, non-critical thinking. It’s a cognitive bias that results in confirmation bias.

Confirmation bias is a “tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions” and to dismiss any information that contradicts that preconception. We see this all over the place in regards to GMOS. The comment sections are rife with it.

Any information that doesn’t paint GMOs in a negative light is suspect, worse if it attempts to correct misconceptions about GMOs. Commenters will refuse to entertain the idea that they may be wrong. They will never accept contrary evidence. They respond with claims of bias and the ever popular meme, “How much is Monsanto paying you?” The confirmation bias on this issue is so deep it’s almost pathological. It’s like arguing with a creationist.

This is one of the reasons I have a problem with modern-day progressives. Somewhere along the line, the anti-technology, anti-progress mentality of the hippie got cross-pollinated with the progressive mentality of the political left and created a progressive imbecile hybrid. And I should note this happened conventionally and not through genetic engineering.

The problem is, for the most part, this hybrid isn’t stupid. They may be imbeciles, but they’re not stupid. In fact, I would venture to guess that most of them are well-educated.

What’s even more depressing is they’ve wittingly, or unwittingly aligned themselves with fringe nut jobs like conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and fellow traveler, alternative health freak Mike Adams.  Both of these crazies are on the anti-GMO bandwagon. Both think the Aurora shootings were a black psyop by Obama.

They believe wackos and dismiss actual experts on the issue since they have convinced themselves that worldwide, every biotech scientist, scientific organization and writer who doesn’t blast GMOs has been bought off. I knew Monsanto was rich, but to have the wherewithal to buy off thousands of scientists, their organizations, government agencies and journalists is quite a feat.

Yet, they don’t stop and think how absurd that is when they say it.

Progressives need to be even more skeptical of activists on their side than they do of corporations. It’s a given that corporations are weasly and only in it for the money.

Yes, Monsanto is bad, but you have to separate the tech from the corporation that uses it. Again, here’s bad logical thinking. Monsanto is bad. Monsanto uses biotech. Therefore, biotech is bad. I now that’s a logical fallacy but I can’t think of what it’s called at the moment. Any reader know?

Before jumping on a bandwagon, progressives should stop and think, “Who’s pushing this agenda? Why are they pushing this agenda? Most importantly, don’t accept anything simply because it fits your worldview. Ask, is it true? It’s okay to be wrong. It happens.


31 thoughts on “Everybody Panic! Eating GM wheat will destroy your liver!

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  2. Bernie, he’s a piece of heresy for you:

    Why is Monsanto “bad”? Or, rather, why are they badder than any other corporation?

    It turns out just about everything progressives say about Monsanto is either false or distorted (like the Poor Percy Schmeiser Myth), so what exactly have they done taht so different?

  3. I think it’s called babybathwaterthrowism

  4. Monsanto is willing to sell a product that is meant be sprayed with a chemical. A chemical that is publically known to have negative health side effects. Why would anyone believe anything they say when they knowingly are selling a product that can be sprayed with a chemical. If this chemical kills weeds what does this chemical do to you when you eat that crop? There is no way to wash it off, when year after year farmers spray 100 of gallons on their fields.

    • Brandon, you literally don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

    • First, Roundup has been around since the 1970s. It is the most widely used herbicide in the world. It has been used on lawns, in gardens and in commercial agriculture. It is considered fairly safe since it isn’t persistent. It’s the safest of all synthetic herbicides.

      Bt is a protein that is used by organic farmers. It is very weak and breaks down in rain and highly acidic environments like the human digestive system.

      And as far as “chemicals” go, you seem to be clueless. Didn’t you take a chemistry class in high school? Even organic farmers use “chemicals.”

  5. Wow roundup has been used since the 70’s. So just because it has been used since the 70’s it makes it ok. Do you know people still use mercury and they pick it up with their hands. So I guess since people still use mercury that makes it safe. I guess I’ll go drink some mercury. Yea organic farms use chemicals but not chemicals that are known to cause health problems like roundup. Spraying roundup on your lawn is one thing cause you don’t eat your lawn. I don’t you people are getting mad. When you have to attack someone to prove what your talking about it means your knowledgable about the topic.

    what does that have to do with anything when round is nown to cause health problems

    • It means your not knowledable about the topic

    • You really need to read up on this subject. Organic farmers use copper sulfate which can cause health problems. Round up is used early in the growing process and not near harvest. By that time, due to the fact that it is not persistent its presence is minimal.

      Since it’s been around since the 70s and no major health issues have arisen, I would say yeah, it’s pretty safe. This whole issue is the cause de jour. I see a complete lack of knowledge on the left concerning agricultural and scientific issues. If Roundup is so dangerous, where have these anti-gmo health crusaders been all these decades? Like I said, it’s the cause de jour.

      I find this whole anti-gmo issue nonsense. `

      • If a corporation (any corporation not just monsanto) that makes billions of dollars a year wouldn’t you think they would want to keep making billions of dollars at any cost. I’m going to air on the safe side and say most massive corporations like monsanto don’t care about us they just want to keep making their money. After years of pumping roundup into the ground of a field there will always be a residual amount of round. Even if you eat that crop months after it was sprayed and you wash it, that crop took roundup through it’s roots. That crop now has roundup inside of it, no amount of washing will get rid of it.

  6. Brandon, it’s very odd that, in order to refute your comment, I have to “defend” Monsanto, about whom I really couldn’t give a rat’s ass….

    “Massive corporations” have massive vested interests in making damn sure the foodstuffs and chemicals they put on the market do not harm the public. Do you really think they can just put dangerous shit out there and get away with it?

    If they are going to make their billions, it seems to me they’d better make sure they’re winning the public trust. “Don’t care about us” is not a profitable proposition.

    As far as this idea that crops have “Roundup inside them” and “no amount of washing will get rid of it…” What do you think glyphosate is, anyway? Some kind of magic substance?

    • I can’t say for sure roundup is a 100% unsafe. But on the other hand you can’t tell me that roundup is a 100% safe. If anyone believes without a doubt that roundup is safe then I would suggest you drink a teaspoon of roundup every week for a year and see what happens to you. I don’t know if anyone knows how plants grow but the roots from plants take up minerals and nutrients from the soil. When roundup gets into the soil the roots from the crop will suck up the roundup. Everyone is acting like this would be the first time a corporation has decieved a ton of people. It makes no sense that anyone would think roundup is safe. If it is used to kill a weed then couldn’t it be possible to harm a human. How about DDT? They used that stuff for over 30 years. They had to know DDT was bad after 10 years. They knew DDT was bad in the early 60’s but they kept using it for another 10 years. But they just ignored it because they were making to much money. The whole world is f##ed up by corporations just like monsanto. There are probably 100’s of corporations doing worse things than monsanto. Even our own country is screwed up cause every politician is a sh##thead. Anyone else think it is kind of weird that the present Deputy Commisioner of the FDA used to be the VP of monsanto. I guess there is no such thing as conflict of interest in politics. Even if you don’t believe it everyone should stop being so blind. At least be aware that it is possible for a corporation to knowingly get people sick to increase their prfoits. Who knows monsanto might already be running the country. I just can’t believe people defend a corporation so strongly. What do any of you have to gain from standing by a massive corporation?

      • Here is the one thing you say that is correct and which I would agree with:

        “… you can’t tell me that roundup is 100% safe.”

        But here’s some basic toxicology: Nothing is 100% safe. “The dose makes the poison,” is the usual paraphrase of Paracelsus toxicologists use to describe the dose response typical of all substances. Not even water is 100% safe.

        In small doses, aspirin helps prevent heart attacks and stroke. In large doses it can kill you.

        In small doses, salt tastes good and provides an essential nutrient. In large doses it can kill you.

        You say, “I would suggest you drink a teaspoon of roundup every week for a year and see what happens to you.”

        Why should anyone do this? No one drinks Roundup. People do regularly drink a toxin called ethyl alcohol, and they regularly die from it. Should we ban it?

        I use glyphosate (Roundup) in my orchard and along stone walls to kill invasive Virginia creeper. If I don’t, weeds will smother my new apple saplings, and the creeper will climb the trunks of my mature trees. I follow the label and wear the appropriate clothing to minimize exposure, even though glyphosate is generally non-toxic to mammals.


        “I don’t know if anyone knows how plants grow but the roots from plants take up minerals and nutrients from the soil. When roundup gets into the soil the roots from the crop will suck up the roundup.”

        Actually, glyphosate is absorbed by the leaves of plants. Then those plants die and you don’t eat them. If you’re talking about Roundup Ready plants, glyphosate does not bioaccumulate, and it breaks down rapidly. There’s no way to get anything even close to a dose that would have an effect.

        As for the corporations just doing what they want to make money, there are regulations and people who falsify information are found out and prosecuted. From wikipedia:

        “On two occasions, the United States EPA has caught scientists deliberately falsifying test results at research laboratories hired by Monsanto to study glyphosate. The first incident involved Industrial Biotest Laboratories (IBT). The US Justice Department closed the laboratory in 1978, and its leadership was found guilty in 1983 of charges of falsifying statements, falsifying scientific data submitted to the government, and mail fraud. In 1991, Don Craven, the owner of Craven Laboratories and three employees were indicted on 20 felony counts. Craven, along with fourteen employees were found guilty of similar crimes.”

      • Now it all makes sense. I couldn’t understand why you would want to defend monsanto so bad. You use roundup, of course you defend them. If you didn’t you would knowingly be poisoning people that eat your fruit. If you just keep your eyes blind to everything expect to monsanto and the people monsanto pay, then of course monsanto does no wrong. If you didn’t know…… monsanto owns roundup. The fact is I will never change your mind and you will never change my mind. I can go find a ton of information on how roundup is bad and you can find a ton of information that roundup is good(mostly written by monsanto). After you spray the roundup it seeps into the ground water. What happens when the roundup gets into someones well water? If someone lives next to a field that is sprayed by roundup and has a well. Don’t you think that will get into their well. They drink that water for 20 years cause they were told by “experts” (monsanto employees) that roundup is safe. There is no such thing as small doses after you’ve been drinking roundup water for 20 years. If your not willing to drink roundup then you shouldn’t be allowed to spray cause if someone lives next to you that has a well they will be doing exactly what you don’t want to do. Besides monsanto owning roundup there are many other reasons they are terribe corporation. No one should buy their products just on their legal practices.

        “Not even water is 100% safe.”

        It’s not safe when someone is spraying roundup next to your well.

        “I follow the label and wear the appropriate clothing to minimize exposure, even though glyphosate is generally non-toxic to mammals.”

        If it is non toxic why won’t you drink it? I don’t know why you wouldn’t drink it. According to that website roundup is a 100% safe.

        “People do regularly drink a toxin called ethyl alcohol, and they regularly die from it.”

        I’m not sure but maybe you missed D.A.R.E. class in high school. People that BINGE drink no the consequences before they even start drinking. There is no reason you should die from alcohol unless your using it irresponsibly. Which isn’t alcohols fault. It’s the same as the gun argument. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. When a company knowingly poisons people and then lies about it, it is just a little bit different.


        I can find information that says roundup is bad just like you can find information saying it’s good.

      • Brandon, it’s not a matter of “good.” It’s matter of safety. Roundup, as far as heribicides go is one of the safer ones out there. But as Mike wrote, “The dose makes the poison.” I mentioned copper sulfate to you. It is used by organic farmers. Is it 100% safe? No. It’s toxic and acidic. The EPA classifies it as a “Toxicity class I pesticide.” Rotenone is another one and is approved for use in organic farming.

        As to your link to the French Farmer. That nimrod climbed inside his sprayer to clean it without using any protective gear. How he won that case is beyond me. He claimed the label didn’t warn him of the risks. What, they didn’t have a label that said, “don’t climb inside your sprayer to clean it?”

      • I really don’t care how he got that s##t in his face. All of those those things that happened to him can happen. But accordining to monsanto there is absolutely no adverse effects to roundup. If it so “safe” then you shouldn’t have to wear protective clothing. “The dose makes the poison.” What about someone that lives next to a field that is sprayed with roundup and has a well. What do you think is happening to those people that are drinking roundup runoff. I wonder what kind of “dose” those people are getting. Yeaaa they should be fine. Let’s believe everything that monsanto says. Who makes $10 billion a year. You guys really think that a corporation like monsanto couldn’t pay off enough people to get away with something like this. You guys are seriously daydreaming if you don’t at least accept that it is possible for monsanto to lie to keep making $10 BILLION a year.

  7. “There is no reason you should die from alcohol unless your using it irresponsibly. Which isn’t alcohols fault.”

    There is no reason you should die from glyphosate unless you’re using it irresponsibly. Which isn’t glyphosate’s fault.

    I’m sorry you’re so bitter about this. I think you’re probably right that there’s nothing anyone can say to change your mind.

    • Companies that produce alcohol are no where near the companies like monsanto. Name one alcohol company that gross $10 billiion a year. Is there a company that produces alcohol that also can dictate what happens in not just U.S. politics but what happens in global politics. I don’t think so. People that drink to much alcohol know that their hurting themselves. If you eat vegetables that were sprayed with roundup, you have no way of knowing. It is not your choice whether to eat that vegetable or not. But for some reason they don’t want to give you that information.

  8. Interesting that it was mentioned that Roundup is only used at planting. Cereal crops by the hundreds of thousands of acres are being sprayed in Canada to kill them early because the farms are so big they can’t afford to have them ripen naturally risking frost and it is easier to plan for when they can be harvested.

    Why then twice in the past year have I gone into allergic shock and my throat closed off eating 2 bites of Brocolli or a few spoons of Cream Corn out of a can?
    I can eat all I want if it is grown in my garden.
    I can’t eat wheat anymore because it gives me rolling on the floor cramps, then diarrea.

    Most of my friends know that if you put weed+feed on your lawn….put the clippings in a pile….leave them for ten years….then put them in your garden….it’ll kill your garden! And you won’t get another good garden for several years.

    Just because those chemicals evaporate doesn’t mean they are gone.

  9. About 6 years ago I ate 6 Cherries from an Orchid. I washed them really good before eating. In an hour my top lip got really itchy…..my eyes started to swell…I went to the Hospital for a shot of Benadryl, etc. I turned beet red from the top of my head to the soles of my feet in the next few days.
    What concoction was put on those Cherries?

    Seems like we are on a roller coaster ride that we have absolutely no control over.

    • Sounds to me like you have a bunch of food allergies. Some of the symptoms you describe from the cherries are the symptoms you get from being allegric to…cherries. Same thing for the brocolli

  10. Ate cherries since, been eating corn, cherries and broccoli forever. Now almost 50 years old and find out now I have food allergies. Don’t buy it.
    Two bites of broccoli sent me into allergic shock. When I phoned the restaurant the next morning the managers first response was: “those damn kids haven’t been washing the broccoli again.” Grilled broccoli.

    It was either the spray on the food, genetic modification or both. Had allergy testing last year and nothing showed up.

    Driving down the highway at night and my allergies start going crazy…..a mile later farmer spraying his crop. Coincidence?

    • I don’t know what problem you have but what you are telling me is anecdotal. But you’ve only had the occasional bad reaction. GM crops have been on the market for around 16 years and pesticides are safer now than they were 50 years ago. Seems very odd it would be either of those.

      • Well all I know is this:
        I had rolling on the floor stomach cramps that started about 2002ish. I had them for about 5 years, heartburn really bad. I changed to white bread and the cramps/diarrhea got a lot better. If my wife made fresh bread omg thought I was dying.
        I went Wheat free for 3 months just to try it. The first month I was hungry all the time..then I dropped 30 lbs to 180 and it was easy. The heartburn went away. Only reason I started eating wheat again was because of pressure from family to try it.

        It took about a year but the heartburn came back with vengeance, cramps, feeling ill. So I went off it again but I did cheat until recently. Now every time I eat wheat and even if it is only a little bit I get major cramps, diarrhea, heartburn. It is hidden in so many foods but the body knows the difference. And the veggies/fruit thing on top of the wheat….arrgh.

        My daughter has confirmed Celiac disease. She is not fat, but a healthy 21 year old.
        My son 18 not fat either, just had testicle cancer which spread. Same again really healthy kids at least we thought so.
        I have had a tumor in my spine.

        Maybe it is the water we are drinking, so can I be made to change my mind….maybe. Is it just the way things are? Maybe.
        What can I do about it… probably nothing other than talk about it on a website like this.

        Am I panicked about it? No, but I am a little uneasy about the fact that we are screwing with our food. If we screw up the food supply what then, throw our hands up in despair and say oops?
        Food growers/processors really need to be careful. Profit won’t have the final say…..our lives will.

      • Wheat intolerance/allergies and Celiac disease are genetic and considering there is no GM wheat on the market, it’s not GM wheat but wheat itself. I’m sorry you have all those troubles, but it’s probably not from pesticides and GMOs.

        As to screwing with our food, GM has the prospect of taking allergens and other negatives out of food and making it safer for more people. It can also add nutrients.

  11. I wonder if Celiac is, I never had a problem when I was younger, I love the taste of fresh bread. I know many folks who are having the same symptoms. Check out the growing Gluten free products being made….people aren’t buying them just for the fun of it. It is a pain in the toosh to have to go Gluten free. 95% of soups on the shelf have wheat for thickener. I would love to just go to the store and buy whatever “looks good”.
    Perhaps it is the spray on the wheat, perhaps there are varieties of wheat that are much more common than they used to be….that bushel out better, but are harder to digest.

    The funny thing is with the stomach aches, etc….they don’t happen immediately…usually. That is why I suffered for so many years…..always blamed other foods for my heartburn. Just like the other night….the throat closing off and eyes swelling shut didn’t happen until after I had sat on the toilet for an hour. What food did I eat that was to blame….had to be the canned corn.

    Bacon is another one….I bought some “campfire” brand bacon. One slice and I have heartburn all day. I can eat all the side pork I want or give me a different brand of bacon. They look the same but a chemist has changed the chemical to make it turn red.

    I come from a farming community where wheat is a crop the farmer counts on to make a living. I know they are not out to make people sick. They are all just trying to make a living, retire well etc.
    I am quite sure that GM folks are not “out there” to “get us”. There is a ton of work gone into making things “better”.
    We are moving too quickly, there needs to be better checks and balances put into the products being developed. I just hope that those good folks recognize when a product isn’t right.

  12. The wheat we eat today is not the same wheat that your grandmother ate. Scientists have been hybridizing wheat for decades for higher yields, fiddling about with the molecular structure to produce food quickly to feed an ever increasing population. And all with NO TESTING WHATSOEVER! The man who was behind the major portion of this successful endeavor won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970, along with all sorts of awards.

    Now that the public is more aware of GM anything we put in our mouths, all of a sudden we are checking out everything. Never mind, the damage has already been done. A whole lot of folks have taken the plunge and eliminated wheat from their diet, and found relief from a multitude of medical concerns, including myself.

    The companies touting they don’t use GM wheat in their products mean nothing to me. I’d sure like to go back to my childhood and bring back some of my Gammy’s Pillsbury’s XXXX!

  13. I wonder if spraying the Wheat to kill it before it is naturally ripened may make it harder to digest.

    I am noticing that even in the Restaurants they have Gluten free menus. This must be pretty widespread. It is not just a fad.

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