Everybody Panic: GMOs and vaccines are the new Zyklon B

“If Hitler had GMO technology, he would have fed GM corn to the Jews and not even bothered with the trouble of constructing gas chambers. He could have disguised it as a “government assistance” program, offering free food to all those of Jewish ancestry. Oh yes, and free vaccines, too. The combination of vaccine chemicals and GMO toxins would have accomplished much the same thing as Zyklon B, but instead of being perceived as an evil monster, Hitler could have been heralded as the hero of the Jewish people for giving them “free food and medicine!”

This is from an article by full on freak, Mike Adams. Adams is the owner of the website naturalnews.com. He is known as the Health Ranger.

In the bad pre-internet old days, guys like Adams would be in his basement, churning out mimeographed newsletters for maybe a few hundred subscribers. Today he has a worldwide audience, thanks to the internet.

Now, you’re saying to yourself, “So, he’s a nut? So what?” I’ll tell you what. His articles are popping up on liberal anti-GMO websites and blogs. He’s treated credibly by the liberal/left.

Maybe it’s his alternative health guise that lulls people into accepting his dangerous nonsense. After all, the liberal/left are big fans of alternative health scams.

Confirmation bias is one thing, but this is getting ridiculous. Progressives, in their search for confirmation of their anti-GMO views are seeking out any and all crazy evidence to back up their beliefs. They are embracing the worst of the anti-science crowd.  The crazies.

What the hell happened? When did progressives lose their critical thinking skills?

Oh, Adams is also convinced that the Aurora Colorado shootings were a mind control psyop by Obama.


3 thoughts on “Everybody Panic: GMOs and vaccines are the new Zyklon B

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  2. You mean the Aurora shootings weren’t psy-ops? “To the mimeograph machine!”

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