Deconstructing Jeffrey Smith: Yogic flyer, dance teacher and GMO expert

I’ve written about self-proclaimed GMO expert Jeffrey Smith several times. I’ve pointed out what a fraud and charlatan he is. He heads a questionable organization called the Institute for Responsible Technology. Here is what I’ve written about him in the past:

Smith is the media’s go-to-guy for anti-GM information. He even has a blog on the Huffington Post.  He isn’t a scientist and has no experience in agriculture, yet he is considered an expert on GM. Not much else is known about Smith. His bio and resume are vague. What is known is he was a member of the Maharishi Natural Law Party in Iowa whose solution to the national crime problem was “yogic flying.”

In 1996, the Daily Illinni wrote, “Smith presented charts with evidence of a correlation between the presence of yogic flyers and an increase in the quality of life and a decrease in crime. Smith cited limited yogic flying programs in Washington D.C. and near the Middle East that resulted in less crime and more harmony.” He has two self-published books on genetic engineering.  One of them, Genetic Roulette has been discredited by real scientists. The organization, Academics Review, looked at the book to see how his claims stacked up against current peer-reviewed science and submitted a chapter by chapter take down of the book.

Back in January, I came across a video on the GMO Pundit’s blog by a guy whose YouTube username is LithodidMan.  I’m not quite sure who he is, but he lives in Alaska and may be a biology teacher.  He has quite a few videos. In this almost hour long video, he refutes the nonsense spewed by Smith using not only Smith’s own words, but clips of him using those words.  It’s worth a watch and it would be good if you sent this link to anti-GMO friends and family because LithodidMan really takes Smith to cleaners.  What I like about it is that it isn’t slick. It’s just him sitting in front of his webcam. The vid contains NSFW language.

5 thoughts on “Deconstructing Jeffrey Smith: Yogic flyer, dance teacher and GMO expert

  1. Monsanto’s millions buy a lot of BS.
    Glad you’re willing to fill that market niche.

  2. Even though I am a supporter of California’s Prop 37, I had never heard of Jeffrey Smith until the Progressive Contrarian made me aware of him. After watching this vlog by LithodidMan, I am convinced that Jeffrey Smith is seriously deluded.
    Still, in his presentation, LithodidMan claims that GMO’s could be unsafe, he doesn’t know; and he has no problem with labeling GE foods. Here’s a recently published recommendation of Prop 37 by a genetic scientist, affirming the plausibility of potential harm from GMO’s and the reasonableness of the proposed law:

  3. Please, stop and get informed…you are not helping the planet or anyone else.
    Yes, it would be nice if we had some trustworthy non-industry funded science coming from the US…you may never ever get that, GMOs science enjoy patent rights, by force of law you can not do safety testing in the US.
    Also, Transgenics do not cover all GMOs like RNAi (gene silencing) science.
    Read the latest Seralini study or do your “in-house” GMO human safety trial on yourself…don’t forget the Glyphosate (with its agitates). Jeffrey works closely with some of the top worlds scientists who are busy being scientists…he takes their message public.
    I liked your gritty style, but your wrong…wish you knew more.

    • I do know one thing, Smith is a joke. And in case you haven’t heard, that Seralini study has been thoroughly debunked, the second time that has happened. As to Smith working with top scientists? That is a laugh. I’d love to see the names of these top scientists. Where does he do this work, at his so-called institute’s P.O. Box or his living room?

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