Food Movement or fascist food freaks?

In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, Mayor Bloomberg prevented organizations from donating food to homeless shelters because, according to WCBS’s  Marcia Kramer, “the city can’t assess their salt, fat and fiber content.”

When a super cyclone hit the Indian state of Orissa, liberal/left darling Vandana Shiva wrote a letter to OXFAM saying that she hoped, “your food aid will be GE-free.”

Anti-GMO activists like Michael Pollan want the supermarket shelves free of GM food, despite the lack of scientific evidence they cause harm. Pollan and others champion organic foods and they want to create a scenario where there is less choice, rather than more.

GM crops have the potential to help starving people in Third World countries, but I guess the well heeled and well-fed Pollan and others’ worldview view is more important than feeding people.   The idea that GM crops may help prevent starvation isn’t as important as their political worldview.

It’s not enough they have access to the food they desire and can afford it. They want to deny choices to others who may not have the same fetish about food that they do. And that’s what it is, a fetish. An affluent well-fed western elitist fetish.  And as much as they scream Monsanto!, Monsanto won’t be hurt by the banning of GM food. It will  be farmers.  Farmers are the ones who would be hurt by the labeling laws of banning of GMOs.

It was interesting to note that during the labeling campaign, their seemed to be a lack of  testimony from regular farmers who use GMOs.  We weren’t treated to any horror stories from them about how fascist Monsanto is. Where were all the non-organic, conventional farmers?  The farmers who were trotted out were organic ones; ones who stood to gain from the law.

And what about the backlash against those organic companies that opposed the law? Here’s a real conundrum. Advocates who praise the virtues of organic and want to have a purely organic food supply, hate Big Organic. Apparently organic food is good only if it remains this imaginary mom and pop hoeing a few rows fantasy.

And yet again, the reality disconnect that progressives accuse the right of rears it’s ugly head.  They want a return to a less technological time; a time when crops routinely failed and farming was more labor intensive.

Speaking of, and as a side note, what the hell is going on with these weirdos? Throughout history, great minds have labored to find new ways to make life easier and less back breaking. The new progressives have embraced a real regressive way of life.  They advocate a return to labor intensive farming and ancient, labor intensive ways of travel. Look at the bicycle fetish. Let’s all hop on our children’s toys and peddle furiously to get to work or wherever. God forbid we take public transportation which allows us time to relax and read a book or newspaper. Let’s huff and puff and show up at work all sweaty and tired. Sure, bicycling might get you there faster, but what kind of normal person wants to get to work faster. But I digress…

The so-called food movement is an elitist movement. It is a social authoritarian movement.  They want their worldview imposed on others. They don”t want choice. They want their world. They are the leftist Tea Party.


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