Thanksgiving musings…But they do it in Europe…

One of the oddest talking points of the anti-GMO crowd is that 60+ countries have  laws banning GMOs or a labeling requirement. The question is just because other countries do something. that automatically makes it right?

Currently over 60+ countries have laws banning homosexuality. Should we follow their lead?

In Uganda there is a fight over allowing GM seeds. So far they are banned. But, that country’s Parliament just enacted a so-called “Kill the Gays law.”

The liberal/left mantra is to accept different cultures and their ways of life. Why do we want to change their culture? That’s Western hegemony. We want to impose our modern ways of life on these ancient cultures.  Yet you have stuff like this:


I agree 100% with that video. What I don’t get is the schizoid nature of the liberal/left. They want the U.S. to intervene if it is a cause they believe in, but when we do they bitch and moan about how we’re trying to make them like us. It’s one of those weird mindsets I never got.  You’re not supposed to mess with people’s cultures, but the liberal/left wants to interfere if there is it fits their worldview. If they were true to their worldview, they shouldn’t be bitching about how women and girls are treated in those cultures. You don’t want to interfere with their cultures, right?

I just want progressives to be consistent in their worldview and belief system. I would be thankful for that.


One thought on “Thanksgiving musings…But they do it in Europe…

  1. Here’s another weird piece of liberal inconsistency:

    The current progressive mantra concerns the “1%” versus the “99%.” In Maine, Chellie Pingree was re-elected to the House of Rep. on the usual progressive platform. But she’s a billionaire.

    She is married to S. Donald Sussman. He owns 75% of the local media (newspapers). They both own or operate organic farms. She sits on the Agriculture committee.

    You can bet this big money will be part of the ongoing anti-GM campaign. I foresee the possibility that Maine will be the new California in terms of anti-GMO, anti-science.

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