The violent side of anti-GMO


Who was our fearless anti-GMO leader talking about? She was talking about Marie Mason, an eco-activist  who was convicted  in 2009 of  13 counts of arson and property damage.  She set fire to a building at Michigan State University that was doing research on GMOs.  Liberal anti-science darling Vandana Shiva thought what Mason did was a good thing. Shiva is not only an anti-progress, anti-science menace, she’s an asshole.

Mason is an extreme example, but more and more we are seeing green groups,  like Greenpeace, physically attacking and destroying GMO test fields. On one hand they scream about how GMOs aren’t tested, then proceed to destroy test fields.

Over the past decade, green groups have engaged in destruction of trial fields across Europe and beyond.  The problem has become so bad that scientists fear for their lives and their fate of their research.

Last year, some dumbass group called Take back the Flour was planning to destroy a publicly funded wheat field trial. The scientists involved took to the internets to appeal to them not to be dumbassses.

I think that video is brilliant. I wish I knew their names because the dark haired woman gets it right when she says that if you destroy the experiment we will never know the answer of whether what they are doing will work. The main blonde woman is also correct when she says that scientists don’t know everything, “that’s why we need to conduct experiments.”

Those scientists aren’t Monsanto shills. they are independent scientists trying to help make the world a better place.

In Italy, a Green group destroyed an olive tree field taking with it  20 years of research.

In 2011, Greenpeace nitwits attacked a  GM trial wheat field in Canberra, Australia.

The increasing violence of the anti-GMO crowd has become so serious that actual security measures have been taken. An  article in Science Daily, Fighting GM Crop Vandalism With a Government-Protected Research Site explains why this is become such a serious problem.

As of 2010, opponents of genetic modification had destroyed more than 100 field trials in Europe. At the Reckenholz site, a group of more than 30 masked activists threatened researchers and destroyed about 30 percent of the experimental plants in a 2008 field trial.

But wait, there’s more.

In an unrelated attack in Gross Lüsewitz, Northern Germany on July 9, six activists overpowered a security guard and ransacked test plots of fungus-resistant wheat. They also destroyed potatoes engineered to produce a chemical that may one day be used to make plastics. The fields, owned by the company Biovativ, were part of a government-funded trial.

Two days later, another group of vandals trampled a demonstration garden of GM potatoes, wheat, and maize in Üplingen, ScienceInsider reports. No one has been identified in those assaults.

What is interesting is that anti-GMO activists point to Europe and elsewhere about how they label foods containing GMOs. Europe, specifically, has become very anti-science.

In 2008, vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin drew criticism for her absurd beliefs – from Creationism to climate denialism – but few seem to realise how far that same anti-science sentiment has crept into our own politics. Link

Thankfully, Mason’s extreme action hasn’t become the norm in the U.S. We can also be thankful that the destructive behavior in Europe and OZ hasn’t made a big trouble here.

The UC Davis Police Department has increased patrols around some campus research fields after anti-genetic engineering activists claimed responsibility last week for destroying three research plantings of sugar beets and corn.

That was 1999. How long before we see more of that numb nut behavior here?


4 thoughts on “The violent side of anti-GMO

  1. It’s really sick. I’m afraid it’s going to get worse. There are a few things happening that could really set them off:
    1. They aren’t winning hearts and minds. People are beginning to look at them funny now that none of the claims are holding up. They are getting fringy-er. (Fringier?) And scientists are organizing their responses regularly now.
    2. Developing countries are making their own plant tech. It’s gonna be hard to call them Monsanto.
    3. The consumer benefit products are coming. Nutrition, reduced waste.

    Strangely Mexico is getting is really bad.
    “The sentiment is echoed by Beatriz Xoconostle Cázares, a biotechnology researcher at Cinvestav, who is experimenting with transgenic crops resistant to drought and insects — and who regularly debates with ETC in public forums. Last September, Xoconostle arrived at work to find that her lab had been set on fire. A month later, arsonists attacked the lab of a neighbouring researcher.”

    Just a matter of time before some grad student gets trapped in a lab or a bombing.

  2. A few years ago at my university’s field station they trashed a field, broke windows in a car, smashed up a lab and computers. $100k damage and lost trials– of organic lettuce.

    Once again anger and unmeasured reaction wrecks progress.

  3. These experiments have no place in open outdoor fields where they can spread pollen and genetically contaminate the food supply. This is one of the main reasons these fields are being destroyed by concerned groups of people.
    They need to be done in sealed enclosures where they do not impact plants that are not part of the trial crop. GMO experimenters have no right to alter the plant life outside the experiment. When they do not listen to reason then people have taken their rights into their own hands.

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