12 thoughts on “GMO Labeling Poll

  1. It looks like we have a big task ahead of us if this small sampling is any example of what the public thinks of GMO labeling. Wake Up America! You have given up so many rights at this point, don’t give up the right to know what you are feeding your kids. Don’t depend on the government or the food companies to be square with you while they are working on getting more out of your pocket while keeping their cost down. Stockholders are only looking for a return. They did not invest to feed the world. Check out http://www.gmofreeusa.org and get informed, excited and involved.

  2. Says “Don’t depend on the government or the food companies to be square with you…”

    Then requests government mandating companies label … :-/

  3. Even though I don’t think labeling is necessary, I hope it happens because I suspect it will have the exact opposite effect that the activists think it will have: Everyone would then see the millions of people eating the millions of GMO-based foods every hour of every day of the week and going on to lead healthy, productive lives. Jim I. above and his ilk, members of the new left wing tea party–paranoid, ignorant, testy–will become a squad of exploding heads..

  4. What planet are you living on Mike? North America leads the way in so many water marks: Obesity, infant deaths, coronary heart failure, diabetes, autism, cancer, and stroke. We are what we eat. It is your prerogative to determine whether these health issues have anything to do with GMOs in our food supply or not. You can choose to stay ignorant if you wish. But the fact remains that we as a planet have real health issues and the smarter we get trying to manipulate nature with putting a gene of a strawberry in a corn plant or a pig gene in a tomato gives us unpredictable results. For us nut jobs that think this is not good for our bodies not to mention the affects it has on the planet, think otherwise. Labeling the products gives me the choice of whether to feed it to my family. It is obvious that you are not concerned with the facts. Most recent studies reveal that there are long term consequences when ingesting GMOs. http://www.honeycolony.com/article/gmos-seeds-of-sickness-part-1/ Do you think that the FDA does independent studies? Do you think there are the same studies done to food that new drugs are subjected? If you do than you need to read up. Sixty countries agree with me who agrees with you Monsanto?

    • This is a classic example of the correlation fallacy. North America “leads” in health issues X, Y, Z; North America allows GMOs in food; therefore, health issues X,Y, and Z are caused by GMOs in food.

      That you don’t understand what an egregious error in thinking this is is mind-boggling.

  5. Jim, your message is disingenuous. You claim you just want labeling, but then link to a site that proclaims its ultimate goal is to ban. You tell me that governments and food companies are “not being square” with us, but again point to a site that blatantly lies about GM issues. The “GMO Free map” they give there, for example, is clearly wrong and meant to intentionally mislead. Your second link above is no different, pointing to long discredited arguments and information, complete with emotionally charged imagery and statements. Why should I or anyone else listen to you and your sources when you refuse use a credible argument and “be square” with us? Is fear the only tactic you know for persuasion?

  6. I don’t get the logic of this. If the question is “If GM foods HAVE TO be labeled, WHICH… do you prefer?” How can one permissible answer then be “I don’t think labeling is necessary.”

  7. How would the FDA do independent studies, Mr. McIntire?

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